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Pet Care During the COVID Lock-down

While you are at home with your pets, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

While every human is united in their concern for the COVID 19 outbreak, there are a few souls in our homes that don’t share our concerns.

Your dogs are happier than ever that they have you home and wanting…no…NEEDING to take them for a walk. If you are like my neighbors, you are walking your dog more than ever in history! Our dogs have been praying for this for decades.

Your cats, on the other hand, are ready for you to LEAVE so they can assume their rightful place as being the rulers of the house. It was nice to have the humans at home…at first…but your cats have agreed that you have worn out your welcome. Now go shower, get out of your sweats, and leave them the house.

Until things change, here are a few things for your at-home pet care. Make sure to keep their nails trimmed. For cats, experts say you don’t need special cat nail clippers since their nails are thinner. Dogs you’ll also need special dog clippers.

For both animals, don’t get too close to the quick, which is where the blood flow begins. If the animal does bleed, you’re advised to put a little bit of corn starch on the tips of the nail.

Also, if you are on the front lines and /or you are in a high-risk group, it might be smart to have a few people lined up to care for your pet in case you have a hospital stay. Be sure to have back up food and a list of instructions at hand in case you do need to utilize their help.

Other than that, enjoy this time at home with your pets. We’ve all undoubtedly said, ‘stop the world I have to catch up!’ Well… on one level, we got our wish.

Your dog certainly got their wish…you home and wanting to walk.

Your cat…not so much.