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Here are some tips for keeping the heat of the summer from making your dog miserable:

I am continually learning how to be a better pet groomer…and owner. I came across some great thoughts that I wanted to share about keeping your dog from overheating this summer.

The first tip is simple: keep your dog indoors whenever possible. If you are hot, they are hot. Dogs do need time to be outside, but during the heat of the day, keep them inside if you can.

Plan in advance times that are cool enough to let them outside. Just like watering your grass, the mornings and evenings are the best times to let your dogs out to run.

Make sure they have constant access to fresh drinking water. So important! Dehydration for dogs can trigger many worse ailments. Make sure their water is refreshed a couple of times a day.

Give them a shady place where they can lie down. Both inside and out, have a place that is out of the heat to keep their beds.

Consider giving them shoes to walk in. Their little feet will thank you if they can walk without burning their paws.
I know YOUR dog is the coolest… and as a good pet-parent, we should take steps to keep them as physically cool as they are personality cool.