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Groom Your Puppy

Training a puppy to learn to be still during grooming is an essential part of their training.

For most people, dog grooming is essential because this keeps your dog looking great. But grooming is for a dog’s health as well as their appearance. This is why you want to start the grooming process when your dog is still a puppy.

No one questions training your dog as a puppy; just remember that grooming is part of the training. Getting a puppy to sit still at ANY moment is nearly impossible. But any effort you put into this process will pay dividends later in life. If you want them to be manageable in the grooming process for life, you’ll have to start while they are young. This is especially true when it comes to clipping their nails and cleaning their ears.

Long-haired dogs, like Collies or Shih Tzus, REALLY need to get grooming to be a peaceful process. Since long-hair breeds require a longer grooming process, this needs to be taught from their earliest days.

Begin grooming and brushing your puppy as young as three weeks old. Regular brushing removes dead hair as well as brings out the natural oils in the puppy’s coat. You can also check for any problems while you are grooming your puppy.

Beyond any technical reasons, grooming your dog is just a fun activity you can participate in with the dog you love! And starting that process early in your puppy’s life will bring benefits for both of you.