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The Horrors of Cheap Litter…OH, THE HUMANITY!!!!!

If you sat in my office for a week or two, you would be shocked at the stories I hear. But this one will break your heart because a young couple hoped not to break the bank.

Picture Hannah, a smile on feet. All bubbly and optimistic with a love for cats as big as her smile. Meet Todd. Funny, quirky, and a perfect foil to Hannah’s persistent optimism. This lovely couple was about to buy their first home, and as most people do were looking for ways to save a little money.

They thought one place they could save was replacing their cats’ traditional litter with a cheaper option.


When they moved into their new house, they also moved in their first BRAND NEW couch.


(I know I groom dogs and pets…but I can allude to sharks in my blog if I want…)

And their cats responded to these two disruptions by using the new couch as their personal, cushy, litter box.


I’ll fast forward to the good news; eventually, after giving away their new couch and buying another one, the loving couple went back to their old, more expensive litter, and the cats went back to that box immediately.

So, what is the moral? If your cats have litter they like and are used to …stick with it! There are more expensive problems than a few dollars a week on litter.

OH! I should also say if your cats start peeing in unusual locations, they may have a urinary tract infection or kidney problems. So a trip to the vet might be in order.

So hear the tale of Hannah and Todd… the right litter can save you more than cheap litter will ever save you.