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Grooming your pets is loving your pets! Bubbles and Bows Pet Grooming gives some general thoughts about why grooming is so important.

Why do I do what I do? Because I LOVE ANIMALS! The fact that I can make a career out of loving people’s pets is amazing. So let’s start our blog series off by talking about why grooming your dogs and cats is so important.

Grooming is SO much more than a brush. Grooming is about caring for your pet’s coat, but its also about checking on their skin, eyes, nails, teeth, and even ears.
When you hear the word grooming, you should think ‘loving.’ Grooming your pet is loving your pet.

Overall Health
At Bubbles n Bows Pet Grooming, this is our chance to give your pet a good check-up. As we brush we are looking for bumps or places where there may be pain. When we trim nails, we look for tender spots and check for anything caught in their paw pads. Being consistent in grooming ensures all of these potential issues can be dealt with BEFORE you may need to make a trip to the vet.

General Appearance
For dogs, having a cared for appearance will put people at ease with your dog. Think about it, if you approach a dog that looks scrappy, your defenses will go up and that will put your dog on edge. Keeping your dog looking her best will ensure better interactions out in public and a better overall attitude toward strangers.

Plus…it makes her look great!
For cats, …they already think they are God’s gift to the planet so your grooming them just reinforces their belief in their superiority to everything else. They would thank you if they ever descended to a human level.
Cleanliness in the Home
The more you brush and comb your dog, or the more frequently you bring her into us, the less hair and dander will shed inside your home If someone in your family is prone to allergies, regularly brushing and bathing your dog can help tame some of the dander that causes flare-ups.

SAY IT WITH ME: Grooming your pets is loving your pets! We do this for a living because it is impractical for each of us to house 100 animals.

Thank you for letting us vicariously love your pets! Give us a call if you have any questions or are ready to set up an appointment.