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Don’t let your furry family be forgotten this Christmas! Here are some popular holiday gift ideas for your pets.


Before Santa wakes them up, make sure they are nice and comfy. Your pets spend a good chunk of their day sleeping so they can expend all that energy. A new bed will keep them happy…and keep your home looking good.


Speaking of looking good… is your dog’s bowl looking tired? Find them a clean, brand-new bowl that will look good in whatever room it’s kept.

New Collar

We all remember the scene in ‘Lady and the Tramp’ where having a collar was proof of being loved.  Let the world know your pet is as loved as they are with a nice, untattered, un-stretched collar. They may not know the difference…but you will.

Grooming Brush

Here is the holiday gift they WILL note: a nice stiff grooming brush. Every dog loves the touch and attention of getting an excellent brushing from their owner. A new brush will make the experience great for them and you.

Travel Blanket

For those who travel with their pets, a new travel blanket is in order. Waterproof on one side and comfy throughout, a travel blanket makes those road trips comfortable for them and clean for you.

When Santa is looking at his naughty and nice list, your pets will definitely be on the nice side. And if you get your pets a gift, there is a good chance you’ll be on that list as well!

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