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Quick tips to help you make a great decision :

See if there is anything different about how they act. A non-eating dog may have other issues that are making them not feel well. Be watchful to note anything you observe before you take your dog in for a check-up.

Inspect their teeth and body. Very similar to the first point, take a quick look to see if other problems may be causing pain.

Determine if the food hasn’t gone bad. Here is an easy one; check the food they should be eating to ensure it’s still OK. Their not eating may be as simple as canned food that has pasted its flavorful peak.

Look around to make sure they haven’t eaten anything they aren’t supposed to eat. The other side of the coin on this discussion is to check if their stomach problems will be because they ate your teenage son’s shoe. PHEW! That would make ANYONE stop eating.

Make sure you haven’t given them too many snacks. While I know, YOU would NEVER spoil your precious dog with too many snacks from the ‘people-table’… I have met other pet owners who have. People-food is far more spicy than dogs stomachs can take.

But if none of these thoughts help, then definitely take them to the vet for a check-up.

Our pets are great communicators, even if they are not specific communicators. I am not a vet, but I have frequent conversations with people and spend a lot of time reading online.

I hope these pointers will help you discern when to visit your favorite vet for your favorite pet.