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Groom Your Puppy
A few steps can make this spring’s shedding season more manageable.

An interesting article came my way last week that I wanted to reflect upon. Every time people talk about ‘spring cleaning,’ pet owners know that its time for ‘spring shedding cleaning!’ There are ways to make this activity less stressful with a few helpful pointers. You can win the fight against pet shedding!

Launder bedding often.If your pet spends a lot of time in one place, a lot of fur is going to pile up in that place. Pretty simple. Most people rarely, if ever, wash their pet’s beds. Some beds come with washable or replaceable slipcovers.  Or, if your pet is on your furniture frequently, you may want to consider washable slipcovers for the couch or chair as well.

Groom frequently if no constantly
Here is the fun tip! Who doesn’t love that quality time brushing your pet’s hair?  Grooming doesn’t just help make your animal smell and look better; it also helps get rid of hair that’s about to shed. The more you groom your pet, the less you’ll have to vacuum up loose fur.

Invest in a great vacuum
While grooming your pet is the fun part…this is the expensive part. When it comes to pet fur, a good vacuum can make all the difference. Say it with me: PET CLEANING ATTACHMENTS! You’ll thank me. One friend swears by their robot vacuum that is almost constantly running.

Air Purifiers Work
Amazon has a vast selection of air cleaners that work. There are even some designed especially for pet dander! Pet allergies are real and there are products that help to manage the dander and hair pets leave behind.  If you find one that works great, let us know, we always love to hear about great pet products.

Good luck this spring with keeping your pets shedding manageable. Please get in touch with us for a pre-spring grooming appointment! A quick groom or trim will cut down on the amount of hair that winds up on your carpet…and floors…and vents…and chairs…and bed…and dryer…you get the picture.