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There are both pros and cons to dog parks. Here are some of our thoughts:

Pros: Your dog has free roam in an enclosed area and lots of other dogs to play with.
Cons: Your dog is exposed to giardia, and other diseases.

Pros: Your dog can socialize with other animals.
Cons: Your dog may be attacked by a dog that has aggression issues.

Pros: You will meet other dog owners and swap stories.
Cons: Dog owners are very protective and if your dog acts up it can be stressful.

Pros: Dogs of all ages frequent dog parks.
Cons: Your dog is in an unnatural pack and can be intimidated by an older dog or intimidate a puppy.

Pros: Dog toys galore, we all share.
Cons: Dog toys are dirty and can spread dog diseases.

Not to be a naysayer. Dog parks can be a great outlet for dogs and social outlet and break for dog parents. Just be careful and monitor your dog’s behavior and the quality and water and grass they are exposed to!

Happy Dog Parking,

Stacy and Donna