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Keeping your pets safe this winter must be a priority! I ran across an informative pet care article that had some good tips I wanted to share. Here are some things to keep in mind as the days grow shorter and the temperature gets colder.


Know your dog’s limits!

Hypothermia and frostbite are significant risks to dogs. This is especially true if they are short-coated, older or puppies. If it’s too cold for you, it may be too cold for them!


Check the hood!

Cats like to sleep in the wheel wells in the winter months. Look or bang around before you start your car to get their attention.


Keep them leashed.

Snow can cover up familiar scents if your dog gets away on a walk. This is why more dogs get lost in the winter. Keeping them leashed will keep them close.


Avoid the ice.

Keep away from frozen lakes or ponds when walking your dog.


Be seen.

As it gets darker earlier, keeping your dog visible with reflective gear is essential.


Bring them in.

Outside dogs need a dry, draft-free shelter to conserve body heat if they must sleep outside. However, it may be best to bring them inside for the night.


We want to make sure you and your pets make it through the winter months healthy and comfortable. We hope these tips will help you in keeping your pets safe this winter. If you have any more that we’ve missed, feel free to leave a comment!