Phone: 253-471-7573

Hello loving and committed wonderful pet owner!

We love our customers and it is such and honor to help you provide a happy healthy life for them.

The pandemic has brought changes and challenges for all of us! Us included. There are a couple of things we want to share with you to make our work with you easier and smoother!

Our Hours
Because we can not take as many pets as we would normally take during COVID we have added an extra hour in the morning. So we are open at 8am to 4pm instead of our normal 9am – 4pm. If your appointment is at 8am, don’t be shy, come on in!

No New Pets at this Time
We are sorry to report that we can not take on new pet clients at this time. Look for an announcement after the holidays should that change.

We plan to add some extra days during the holidays. So if you have struggled to get in lately, hopefully thing will be better later in November.

Thanks for being great customers and friends to your pets! We appreciate all of your support and business during these difficult, crazy times!