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dog eat grass

Does your dog eat grass? Does your lawn look like a salad bar to him? Have you ever wondered why, and whether it means anything?

According to Pet Web Md, it is really quite common for dogs to eat grass. There can be several different reasons why your dog eats grass.
Some have speculated that they eat it when they have an upset stomach. Eating the grass helps stimulate them to vomit whatever it is that upsets their stomach. Other theories are that they have a need for fiber. Some owners have found that switching to a high-fiber diet reduced or eliminated the practice. Sometimes dogs might do it because they are bored. So, providing plenty of exercise and playtime is good for them.

Is there a reason to stop them?

Since you may never know if the grass has been treated with pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers somewhere other than your home, you should not let your dog eat grass just anywhere. Bring along treats and provide a healthy alternative to distract him from eating grass.

We hope these tips and information were useful to you in keeping your dog healthy.