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naughty or nice pet

Has your Pet been Naughty or Nice?

We love our pet dogs and cats unconditionally but sometimes they act out in ways we may not be so happy about. Is your pet naughty or nice? Are behavioral issues putting them on Santa’s naughty list? Here’s a few things that might be going on. What  do you do if your dog barks aggressively and pulls on the leash when out on a walk? What do you do if the kitty relieves himself in other places outside of the designated litterbox? Sometimes the answers can be easy fixes, but sometimes behavioral issues can be quite challenging. We are not experts on pets’ behaviors but it’s important to have a well-behaved pet when it affects the household or affects others outside of your home, like other dogs or cats, groomers, or vet visits.

Naughty Behaviors

One of the most concerning naughty behaviors in dogs is aggressive behavior. This can be caused by different reasons. It can be caused by illness, fear, possessiveness, a show of dominance, or frustration. One of the first things that should be done is to have the dog seen by a veterinarian to rule out any health issues. Pain can be a very valid reason for a dog to act out. Make sure he is healthy and if not, determine what his needs are and make sure those needs are met. Most of the other issues can be addressed with training. There are many reputable trainers available. Be sure to find an instructor who is well experienced and has a good reputation in the field. Sometimes rescue dogs might have a history of abuse or mistreatment. Try to get as much information as possible beforehand so the trainer can help work with those conditions.

Litterbox Woes

The same goes for cats. Issues such as litterbox problems are usually due to medical issues or behavioral issues. It is important to rule out urinary medical issues with a veterinarian first. Sometimes it’s as simple as keeping the litterbox clean on a more frequent basis. Some cats can be very picky about a clean litterbox, as they well should be! Especially if there are multiple cats, you may need more than one litterbox. A cat might not like the litterbox you are using or the cat litter you are using. Try switching it out and see if that helps. Sometimes stress and other factors can affect a cat’s desire to use his litterbox and cause other behavior issues as well. Keep your home a stress-free zone for your cats. Introducing a new pet should be done gradually, utilizing a separate room initially so they can feel safe.

Happy and Healthy Pet is a Good Pet

These are just some of the issues your pet may have. As always, we recommend seeing your veterinarian first, then proceed with some other suggestions if needed.
Hopefully, your pet will exhibit “nice behaviors” once the issues have been determined and resolved. Just like humans (when we’re grumpy), there’s usually a reason for the behavior, and dedicated and loving owners will do all that they can to help their pets be happy.