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dog parks

Are dog parks good for your dog?

You have an active, happy dog who loves to run and play and needs to burn off some energy. So, you’re wondering whether to take him to the dog park. There are some things to consider when making the decision whether to visit the local dog park in your city. 

Following are some things to consider

Is He Ready?

One of the first things to consider is if your dog is old enough. If they’re still a puppy, unvaccinated, unspayed, unsocialized with other dogs, you should hold off a bit. The AKC recommends not bringing puppies younger than 4 months old. It’s important to keep your dog safe as well as other’s dogs safe from illnesses by being sure they are vaccinated. And for older dogs, make sure their vaccines are up to date. Also, they should be treated for fleas and ticks before bringing them. Your dog should be licensed by your local humane society as well.

Is He Well-Socialized?

It’s good for dogs to be already well-socialized. Perhaps starting them off with 1 or 2 neighborhood doggie friends to make sure they’re good around other dogs. In addition, they may need some training beforehand if they have aggression issues with other dogs. 

As you can imagine, it’s a good idea to leave toys at home so they will not be fighting over them.

Places to take your dog

Some other things to consider are the types of dog parks that are out there. Many are off-leash, so you want to be sure you take them to the right kind of space to keep them safe. Off-leash parks are fun but your dog should be well-behaved and be able to obey simple commands. Some places require a leash. But if not, be sure to keep the leash on them until in the designated off-leash location. They should have fencing to keep your dogs from running off.  Fortunately, there are often separate spaces for larger dogs and smaller dogs. Smaller dogs can get hurt or be seen as prey. Keep them safe by staying attentive and close by.


  1. Clean up after them, bring waste bags. 
  2. Bring water for them. Communal bowls are not recommended as they can have viruses and other issues.
  3. Pay attention and be actively engaged.

Places to take your dog in the Tacoma area

There are a lot of dog parks in the Tacoma area. 

Here are some dog parks that have good reviews on Google:

  •   Wapato Park Off-leash dog park
  •   Rogers Park
  •   Point Defiance
  •   McKinley Park
  •   Tubby’s Trail Dog Park (in Gig Harbor)

How often? Once a week is good, for 30-60 minutes. It’s great exercise for your pup and your dog will love you for taking them! And, after a good play in the park, your dog may need a good bath and grooming! Give us a call to set up an appointment, we’ll have them smelling fresh and huggable in no time!